Terms and Conditions


This page establishes the terms and conditions for the https://clinnco.com website managed by Via Globe Unipessoal Lda.

Users are natural and legal persons who have registered on the website and whose registration has been confirmed by Clinnco.

The User acknowledges that he or she has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Statement, by accessing, browsing, and using our site.

Clinnco reserves the right to unilaterally alter these Terms and Conditions anytime it deems necessary, whether for legal or economic reasons. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be communicated to all Users at least 30 days before implementation.

Any modifications to these Terms and Conditions have no bearing on the products or promotions that were agreed upon or ordered before the changes.

The service providers, or "Suppliers," are those who are available on the website for this agreement. The Suppliers have a legal contract with the User who hires their services on the website, and they are responsible for all responsibilities and service guarantees.

Contractual statements, registration, and the user contracting process

Clinnco and the User enter into a mediation minute through the User's registration on the Clinnco website, which is followed by an email confirmation from Clinnco to the User.

To use the Clinnco website, you must first register as a user. Registration is free and requires prior acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

Individuals or legal entities should be represented in the registration. An individual with authority to act on behalf of a legal entity (e.g., commercial corporations, partnerships, or institutions) must complete the registration.

The User must provide and keep up-to-date all data required for the clinco website registration, including his or her name, a valid e-mail address, the company name, and the authorized representative name, completely and accurately (if applicable).

The User also agrees to receive Clinnco newsletters and other similar information by email by accepting the Terms and Conditions. The User has the right to rescind his or her permission at any time and no fee.

Obligations of the User concerning the User Account and System Integrity

The User is solely liable for all purchases made through his or her website account.

The User account is for the User's personal and exclusive use, and he or she must protect his or her password.

All acts taken on the User's account are the User's responsibility.

If the User discovers that a third party has accessed his or her data or account, he or she must immediately tell Clinnco so that the required steps are taken to clarify the situation and avoid damages, such as the indefinite suspension or termination of the User account.

Service at the User's Property

If the property is dirty beyond the ability of the cleaning team to provide the service, if the cleaning staff has to wait for guests to leave, or if the visitors arrive more than one hour after the specified check-in/out time, the User agrees to provide the retrospective overtime payment. The Supplier will notify the User as soon as feasible via the Clinnco website, which may take up to 12 hours.

The User commits to adapt his or her systems and applications for usage with the Clinnco website, ensuring security and integrity for the Clinnco website's correct operation.

The Users agree to make the following material, adequate and ready to use by the Supplier's teams, available and in acceptable preservation conditions in the apartments:
1. A bucket and a mop
2. Vacuum cleaner
3. Broom

Users agree not to engage into any contracts with Clinnco's Suppliers directly or via any other organization or website (other than Clinnco or belonging to it) for rendering the same services provided by or through Clinnco or its website.

Even though the apartment keys have been provided to a Clinnco employee, the User understands that the Supplier is exclusively liable for them. The Supplier is responsible for compensating the User for any losses caused by the keys being lost or misplaced.

The User is solely responsible for any file of any sort of information submitted or published by Clinnco and required for legal purposes.

If the property doesn't have one complete changing set of linen and towels, the User commits to bring one complete set in due time (max 1.5 hours) or to order at least one linen rental cleaning service for each bed. If the rented linen is damaged beyond what Clinnco considers to be reasonable wear and tear, the User agrees to reimburse Clinnco for the current item price.

During the cleaning service at the User property, no one is allowed inside the property, including the property guests. If guests arrive before check-in time, the cleaning team has instructions to not let anyone inside the property during the cleaning service. The User should allow the Clinnco team to work alone inside the property for professional and sanitary reasons. The User is always allowed inside the property to give instructions, do quality control or random checks, but the User should refrain from staying inside the property when the Clinnco team is cleaning unless for the reasons stated above.

Responsibilities of Clinnco and Suppliers

Users can purchase services from registered Suppliers through the Clinnco website, which acts as an online supplier middleman. Clinnco facilitates this process by providing customer service, accepting online payments, and issuing invoices, but it is not a party to the service contracts that they promote or mediate.

The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the agreed-upon services are provided in compliance with the industry's quality requirements when a User requests them.

We request a Permanent Certificate (or equivalent), Social Security Debt Clearance Certificate (or equivalent), and Tax Authority Debt Clearance Certificate when the supplier registers with us (or equivalent).

Clinnco does not intervene in the acceptance or rejection of a service; the Supplier is solely responsible for this choice.

Registered Suppliers are the only ones that can provide the services. Clinnco is not a party to any service agreements entered into by website users.

Clinnco acts as a middleman to guarantee that the cleaning service is provided according to the terms agreed upon, and may impose penalties as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Any damages that arise during the performance of a service, or any delays therein, are completely the responsibility of the Supplier.

The Supplier is solely responsible for keeping the apartment keys and is thus liable for any replacement or theft costs incurred as a result of their loss or damage.

Clinnco reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Supplier's account if it fails to comply with the tasks list, the specifications requested by Users, or if it fails to provide services to the Clinnco's quality standards.

Limitation of Liability for Property Damage

While our employees and partners adhere to strict security and care procedures to protect the properties and items within these properties where we provide our services, we shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of property or items within these properties. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of structural damage, loss or damage to contents, or any other form of property damage incurred during the provision of our services. We advise property owners to maintain adequate insurance coverage for their properties and contents.

Rights management and content

Copyright protection applies to content provided by Clinnco and through Clinnco (reserved rights). The website is typically available and can be visited separately via a computer browser. It is also prohibited to utilize technologies such as crawlers or similar programs for the goal of not only content indexing but also mass access, as well as to save website content. The rules of this paragraph also apply to technology that allow for image capturing during a call and other third-party services.

Changes to the site and its accessibility

Clinnco makes no guarantee that the website will be available at all times. It will, however, try its best to keep the website up and running with as few disruptions as possible, and it will continue to develop it.

Clinnco has the right to temporarily restrict access to the website for reasons of security, integrity, capacity constraints, or technological concerns.

Liability of third-party websites Clinnco will contain third-party website links on the website page whose contents are unknown to Clinnco. Clinnco merely gives access to websites and has no control over their content. Links to other third-party websites are provided solely to facilitate surfing. Clinnco dissociates itself from all website content connected on its website and does not endorse the perspectives represented in local connections.

Process of booking, payment, and billing

Payments are done via debit/credit cards, PayPal, Multibanco, and other payments through external parties.

For each of the properties the User administers, invoices can be requested with various billing data.

Users will be given an invoice for the services rendered. Suppliers are to provide invoices so the funds may be transferred to their bank account.

Clinnco will collect from suppliers a 10% fee out of each service rendered.

On the website, the User can cancel or amend the service date and/or time up to 48 hours before the planned service time. If the User cancels the service up to 48 hours before the planned time, the User will receive a credit on the website; no refunds will be given. In any other scenario, the complete payment for the service that was previously agreed upon is required.


The Users' agreement is for an indefinite time.
The User may request that his or her account be closed by sending an email to support@clinnco.com.

Clinnco reserves the right to terminate or suspend a User's account if the User fails to meet a payment requirement; the User provides false contact information in his or her account; or the User violates the Terms of Service; suppliers refuse to accept User services; the User creates a phony payment system; and, for whatever reason, the Clinnco website suspends or stops its business operations.

A user whose account has been suspended or cancelled will not be able to access the Clinnco website using other accounts.

General provisions

These Terms and Conditions' legal requirements, as well as all underlying contractual agreements, will be controlled and construed following the Portuguese law.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to these general terms and conditions or our services will be resolved by the courts of the Lisbon region, Portugal.

If any provision of these general terms and conditions is found to be invalid, unenforceable, or non-binding, the parties are still bound by the other sections.

All issues relating to the parties' rights and obligations that are not expressly addressed in these terms and conditions are governed by the applicable special laws, including the law governing the conclusion of distance contracts and intellectual property protection legislation.

Concluding Provisions

Clinnco has the authority to transfer all or part of the rights and duties deriving from these General Terms and Conditions to third parties.
All communications must be done through the website or, if that is not possible, via email. The email address of a User is the one that appears as a contact in the User profile.