Have your property Clinnco

Turnover cleaning

Exit (check-out) cleaning. Professional cleaning after the guest's departure. Includes cleaning, alerts for maintenance issues, forgotten items and small damage reports, and laundry (optional).

Deep Cleaning

Periodic deep cleaning or exit deep cleaning (when possible). Professional deep cleaning of your property. Includes deep cleaning, alerts for maintenance issues, items forgotten by guests, damage, and laundry (optional).


Cleaning of bed linen, towels, small feet rug, and blanket covers.

Check-in / Check-out

Welcoming guests checking in or out your property. We hand them the keys, and provide property or city related information.

Linen and Towel Rental

Instead of buying and managing your property' bed linen and towels, why not rent the service? It's about the same price it takes to take linen and towels to the laundry and you end up avoiding the hassle of having to repair, clean, or buy them, ever again.

Intermediate Cleaning

Cleaning while your guests are staying at the property. Special care will be given to guest's personal belongings and the property will be cleaned only where cleaning is demanded.

Office/home Cleaning

Professional office and home cleaning. Includes cleaning according to the guidelines and preferences of the owner.


Property maintenance includes all the repairs needed to keep the property comfortable for your guests. Electricity, plumbing, small general repairs, screw tightening, drain clogs, appliance failures, and flooding.

Decorative Touches and Additional Preparation

Use a concierge service at your property to prepare the space with decorative touches and other comfort details for your guests. The cleaning team can only accommodate 2 specific work requests in addition to cleaning and laundry. This service is for owners who want to give extra attention to their guests and have two or more additional requests.